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Ready to take your obstacle course racing
to the next level?



We want you to enjoy your obstacle race, to feel a sense of achievement, whether it be running in your first, beating your previous time or winning a race. That feeling of achievement keeps us going and provides us with the love for obstacle racing - we believe we can help you realize that feeling.


Having won races across the globe, we are three of the best and most experienced obstacle racers in the world.

You’ll be hearing from the current Obstacle Course Racing Champion, current Tough Mudder World Champion, a Spartan World Champion, BattleFrog Pro Team Captain and Tough Guy champion.


Winner Spartan World Championship
Winner OCR World Championship
Winner Tough Guy
World ranked Sky/Mountain runner

Jonathan Albon


Winner Worlds Toughest Mudder
2nd place Spartan World Champion
10 x Winner of Spartan, Battle Frog, Tough Mudder races

Ryan Atkins

Matt Murphy Obstacle course training headshot

Winner OCR Australia Championship
Winner Urbanathlon
10 x Winner of obstacle races
Star of ESPN's Search 4 Hurt

Matt Murphy

Between us, we’ve won the following races:

$10 a week, YOU pick the program, stay as long as YOU like


Obstacle Races are traditionally 90% running, 10% obstacles, if you improve your run you’ll improve your results.


BEGINNER and ADVANCED programs. You choose whether 4 or 10 weeks.

The short course program, over 4 weeks, for those that are new to obstacle racing or new to running and want to confidently take on a short course obstacle race. Whether it be to keep up with your friends  or wanting to lead off the elite short course heat, this program progressively gets you there.

The advanced program is designed for experienced racers who have run multiple races and want to take your racing to another level. This program contains elements from Jon, Ryan and Matt’s personal training and offers 10 weeks of programming to help you achieve your goal.

Both programs also include advice and exercises for reducing injury and better run mechanics by movement expert Glenn Phipps.


Hours of training advice

Years upon years of training, and races upon races of competing have given us plenty of knowledge that we want to share. We’d love to help you avoid the same mistakes we’ve made as well as pick up some of the things we’ve found work best both in training and racing.

With hours of video interview and training advice filmed, we’re excited to share our learnings with you


You’ll hear straight from Jon, Ryan and Matt in the community forum.

We realise training by yourself is much harder than training in a group. We also know that you’ll hit highs and lows in your training. That’s why we’ve created a private community on Facebook for all members of our program.

Once registered you’ll receive an invite to join the group; where you can support other members, ask questions of each other, provide feedback on how your training is going as well ask questions of us.

We’ll also have weekly challenge in the group where you can compete against us with prizes for our winners.

Elite Training Insights

Insight into the daily training and lives of the best in the world

Have you ever wanted to know what our training looks like on a daily basis? How we train, thoughts on training load, running vs time in the gym? As part of this program you’ll have a unique insight into our actual training.

Not only will we provide you access to the training volume we’re doing but we’ll provide a weekly training blog, sharing with you what’s worked, what hasn’t and things that you can try at home.


Peter Norris

“Initially I was hoping to improve my endurance running capabilities and record some higher placings in domestic obstacle races.

My weekly plan was very detailed, easy to follow and most importantly results-driven. Not only did I improve my strength and flexibility, I took over 5 minutes off my 10km PR. With this conditioning, I signed-up for the OCR World Championships Mens 40-44 division and came away with a 3rd place podium finish!”

Ryan Roberts

“My background was in general sports with no official training, no results, no direction.

I started following this strength and running program directed at obstacle racing, which helped me place second at The Sydney Spartan Race. After I intensively followed the program and mentoring, I had the recipe I needed to place 5th at the Spartan World Championships.”

Melissa Robertson

“I started training with Matt Murphy in 2013 when I first started to compete in Obstacle Racing, under his coaching I achieved multiple podium finishes and even placed 15th in the Spartan World Championships.

I’ve since switched to racing ultra marathons and have seen my race times drastically improve as well as my placings in some of the countries toughest trail races.”

Jarrad Page

“I jumped at the chance to be coached with one of the best obstacle racers and trail runners there is.

Through determination and goal setting, anything is possible under this training, the knowledge and expertise is incredible. His passion and drive motivated me to continue training and competing on a regular basis, culminating when I competed in the 2013 Spartan World Championships in Killington, Vermont.”

What you get:

Global community of OCR enthusiasts

Video advice and motivation; tackling technique, nutrition and recovery

Exclusive Members Only Facebook group

PDF downloads

Q&A’s with Ryan, Jon and Matt

Daily programming for you to follow

Step-by-step training advice

Insight into the daily training and habits of Ryan, Jon and Matt

Strength program to help you dominate obstacles

Designed by the best in the world

A choice of either beginner or advanced programming

Weekly video blogs

Mobility and stability program developed with renowned Exercise Physiologist Glen Phipps

Proven program with proven results


  • USD$10Week
    • No contracts – stay for as long as you like
    • Suited for short couse races
    • Designed to scale to your ability
    • Simple to follow
    • Improve your strength and mobility


  • USD$10Week
    • No contracts – stay for as long as you like
    • Designed to improve long course race times
    • Advanced programming to improve running, strength and mobility
    • Suited for more experienced athletes
    • Proven program that has been followed to OCR World’s