Obstacle Course Training | Week Three
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Week Three


Welcome to week three of the Beginner Training Plan.

Main Session:
Easy 20-30 minutes.
If you’re feeling good try and get in 30 but worst case 20 minutes.
No harder then 70-75% effort
Take metronome with you and listen to it for 1-2 minutes every 5 minutes.
Flat terrain if possible

Bonus: if you have time
Phase 1 Strength/Stability – download PDF

Main Session: Track– Speed Work

Warm up:
10 -15 min jog,
Build the intensity over the duration of the warm up. We do this to prepare the body for the higher intensity to come in the main set

Dynamic stretches 3-5 minutes
3 rounds 30 sec each
-Hamstring swings
-Leg crossovers
-Heel to toes
-6 and 12 drill
Stride outs
6 x 10 sec stride outs 20 -30 sec recovery between each
2 minutes rest get a drink ect then get ready for main set below.

Main Set
8 x 400m efforts.
Walk/jog 200m between. Compare times from Friday day 5 of program. See if you have improved. Aim again is to aim for best average pace across all sets.

Cool down
10 minutes easy jog/walk

Stretch 5 min post run

Bonus: if you have time

Main Session: Tempo

Warm up:
10 minutes build pace/effort over the 10 min period so that when the 15 minutes of TEMPO begins your body is ready.

After Warm up
5 minutes Dynamic Stretches
2 rounds 20 sec each
-Hamstring swings
-Leg crossovers
-Heel to toes
-6 and 12 drill

Tempo session:
20 minutes Beginner runners.
25 min for intermediate runners.
Focus on that you are achieving TEMPO pace / effort / HR

Cool down:
10 minutes easy

Stretch 5 minutes post run

Bonus: if you have time
Phase 1 Strength/Stability

Mobility: AM and PM
If possible the more mobile you become the better runner you will be. Follow the advice from the mobility video.

Let your body decide this session.

If tired or sore: try for a 40 mins easy jog / walk.

If you are feeling good: 
45 minutes:
No harder than 75% effort apart from accelerations.
After 10 minutes easy run put in 10 x 20 seconds accelerations. No faster then 90% effort. After 20 second effort, jog easy for 1 min 40 sec and then repeat. If this can be done on an oval that is ideal and make the efforts around 100-120m in length.
This will take 20 minutes then cool down easy jog for 15 minutes.

Long run:
Long easy run/walk if needed
Beginner: 1 hour 5 min @ 70-75% even if hilly HR/effort level needs to stay low

Intermediate: 1 hour 15 min @ 70-75% even if hilly HR/effort level needs to stay low

Take metronome on this run and play every 5 minutes for 1-2 minutes.
Set Metronome to between 175-180bpm. This will get hard to maintain toward the end of the run with the body being fatigued.

At least 20 minutes minimum work on those tight spots.