Obstacle Course Training | Week One
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Week One


Welcome to week one of the Beginner Training Plan.

5km/3.1mi Time Trial
Watch video on 5km/3.1mi Time Trial.

Warm up: 
10 minutes easy jog building to fast (higher Heart Rate toward the end of run) in the last 2 minutes.

3-5 minutes dynamic stretches:
4 x 10 sec Stride outs (Building from slow to fast run) rest 30 sec and repeat.
Recover 2 minutes (or till you have had a drink and are ready to start).

5km/3.1mi Time Trial

Cool down 10 min:
Once finished Time Trial walk around for a few minutes lowering your HR till you feel you can start a very light jog/walk for 10 minutes.

Stretch 5 minutes post run:
Use mobility video for your stretching cues. Download the mobility list here.

Main Session
Watch Metronome Video
Download App on phone (iOS / Android).

30 minutes easy Run:
Walk if needed to keep effort level at or below 75%.

If possible:
Run with metronome on phone.
Play for 1-2 minutes every 5 minutes.
Metronome will help you keep your stride rate high and this will help with your form as well help to get that foot strike under the hip.

BONUS Session (if you can)
Watch mobility video and follow.

AM Session:
Watch video about what is tempo.

Warm up 10 minutes:
Build pace / effort / HR over the 10 minute period to get the body ready to move at a solid effort pace.

Tempo Run:
10 minutes Beginner runners; 15 min for intermediate runners.

Cool down 10 minutes
Post tempo run walk for 1-2 minutes and the slowly decrease the speed at which you run back to your starting point. Walk a few minutes before completely stopping.

Stretch 5 minutes post run
Use Mobility video for your stretching cues.

PM Session
Watch Phase 1 strength video and follow. Download the strength movement list here.


AM and PM if possible
Follow instructions from mobility video. Mobility list available for download here.
Try to get at least one session in, the more mobile you become the less likely you are of sustaining injuries.

Speed Work – at a track if possible
Watch Warm up Video.
Warm up 10 -15 min jog
Build the intensity over the duration of the warm up. We do this to prepare the body for the higher intensity to come in the main set.

Dynamic stretches 3-5 minutes
3 rounds 30 sec each
-Hamstring swings
-Leg crossovers
-Heel to toes
-6 and 12 drill

Post dynamic stretches complete stride out
4 x 10 sec stride outs with 20 seconds recovery
2 minutes rest, get a drink. Then get ready for main set.

Main Set
8 x 400m efforts.
200m easy jog/walk recovery between each 400m effort.
Record all times and at the end of the session add them together and divide by 8 to give you your average pace, record this.
We want to beat this in the coming weeks.

Cool down jog / walk (watch Cool Down video)
10-15 minutes minimum.

Stretch 5 minutes post run.

Long Run
Watch Long run video.

Easy run (walk if needed)
Beginner 1 hour @ 70-75% effort. If the course is hilly and you need to walk to keep HR at only 75% or less that is fine.

Intermediate 1 hour 15 min @ 70-75% even if hilly HR/effort needs to stay lower than 75%.

Watch and follow Mobility video.
At least 20 minutes work on those tight spots.

Post yesterdays long run its important to work on those tight spots so they loosen up for another week of training.