Obstacle Course Training | TESTIMONIALS
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What a race today! For the first time in 2 years of OCR racing I finally cracked the podium today finishing 3rd in the Miami sprint. It has been an up and down year for races for me until today. I’ve started this program 5 weeks ago and I can see the results coming now. I’m training smarter and harder now. I know standing on the podium today wouldn’t have been possible without this program to help me get to that next level. And it’s working. This is proof. So thank you to Ryan, Matt and Jon.

– Kirk MacLean –

I’m enjoying my training more than ever since starting the program. Learning to stay relaxed while running has been a real benefit. My average km pace for the 75% HR runs has dropped by over 1 min since I started 4 weeks ago. Keep up the good work everyone and thanks coaches for this amazing program.

– Ian Hayward –

I decided to start with the 4-week program and I was amazed at what I saw. everything that I’ve been researching to improve my performance was laid out in a very thoughtful program. Throughout the course of the program, I improved my 5K time by over a minute and I could feel my endurance and leg strength reach levels that I hadn’t experienced since my early 20s. My only regret is not signing up earlier for this program. Just using the four-week program, I recently accomplished my goal of placing just outside of the top 30 in a recent Battlefrog extreme.

– Richard Watkins –

“The 10 week results.

Week 1- 10k 55:23 (8.54mi pace)

Week 10 – 10k 45:07 (7:16mi pace)

Overall I’m very, very happy with my results and never thought I would be a decent runner. I will continue to push my times and become a more efficient runner.

– James Valdez –

I can honestly say I’ve learned so much from this program, and my results show. On my tempo run I ran faster than my 10K TT and I felt solid the entire way. As a personal trainer going to school for physical therapy I put everything aside I was doing and bought into this program, and I’m glad I did. I will continue to train and stick to this program. The exercise physiology behind this program is on point and if anyone truly applies themselves to this program you’ll be successful. No short cuts or excuses just get it done. Hard work is easy work.

– Franco Loza –

This is by far the best training I have encountered for OCR, my improvements over the 10 week period were incredible. My speed, cardio and overall strength have doubled in such a short time. My racing has moved to another level, thanks to Matt Ryan and Jon for getting together and coming up with this awesome idea. The online support is brilliant, with Peter on hand to answer all your questions via Facebook as well as sharing heaps of great data, they even have a team on strava!!! Best investment I’ve ever made for training.

– Gary Baker –

“Blown away with 11th placed Brit, 17th in age and 76th overall ??
Massive, massive thank you to Obstacle Course Training and the coaching from Rory Coleman, plus the continued support from Polar.”

– Kev George –

“I started this training when I first started to compete in Obstacle Racing, under this coaching I’ve achieved multiple podium finishes and even placed 15th in the Spartan World Championships. I’ve since switched to racing ultra marathons and have seen my race times drastically improve as well as my placings in some of the countries toughest trail races.”

– Melissa Robertson –

“My background was in general sports with no official training, no results, no direction. I started following this strength and running program directed at obstacle racing, which helped me place second at The Sydney Spartan Race. After I intensively followed the program and mentoring, I had the recipe I needed to place 5th at the Spartan World Championships.”

– Ryan Roberts –

“Initially I was hoping to improve my endurance running capabilities and record some higher placings in domestic obstacle races. My weekly plan was very detailed, easy to follow and most importantly results-driven. Not only did I improve my strength and flexibility, I took over 5 minutes off my 10km PR. With this conditioning, I signed-up for the OCR World Championships Mens 40-44 division and came away with a 3rd place podium finish!”

– Peter Norris –

“I jumped at the chance to be coached with one of the best obstacle racers and trail runners there is. Through determination and goal setting, anything is possible under this training, the knowledge and expertise is incredible.”

– Jarrad Page –