Obstacle Course Training | STEP UP
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Our Step Up program is designed to take OCR enthusiasts to the next level, the transition from beginner to elite. The program will require you to invest a little more time into your training, volume matters and our Step Up program introduces you to that.

The Step Up program builds upon your running base, honing both your speed and endurance. On top of the expanded Strength and Mobility training, we will help translate your strength into obstacle domination by introducing Ryan Atkin’s own grip strength program. There are three levels which you can scale the grip work, and this will be a great tool to improve your performance for months to come.

If you’re ready to step up your game and earn yourself a position in the elite heats, then this program is for you.

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Our 8 week Training Plan designed to help you join the elite wave

Ryan Atkins' own Grip Strength Program

Our 'OCR Need to Know' video package

Our 'Running Technique' video package

Phase One & Two Strength programs

Phase One & Two Mobility programs

Our 'Obstacle Technique' video package

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