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Frontier: The extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.

Our Frontier package is about challenging you to explore uncharted territory in your training, for you to find your extreme limits and go beyond them.

Our Frontier package includes two complete programs; our 10 week Advanced Training Plan and our 20 week Ultra Plan. Between them, these will prepare you for personal best performances across the OCR spectrum, from sprints to ultras and beyond.

The Advanced plan has been our most successful plan to date. It has helped members to podium, qualify for World Championships and set personal records across the board.

The Ultra is our newest plan and has been designed specifically for World’s Toughest Mudder, Spartan Beast and Ultra Beast, and BFX24 by none other than Two Time World’s Toughest Mudder, Ryan Atkins.

Ultra Program designed for:


By joining the Frontier you’ll have access to both programs.

Each of these programs contain elements of Jon, Ryan and Matt’s personal training programs. Your daily workouts will incorporate the training methods that have brought home dozens of race victories and multiple OCR World Championships.

See what past members have said.

Our 10 week Advanced program

Our 20 week Ultra program

Ryan Atkins' own Grip Strength Program

Our 'OCR Need to Know' video package

Our 'Running Technique' video package

Phase One, Two & Three Strength programs

Phase One, Two & Three Mobility programs

Our 'Obstacle Technique' video package

'Advanced OCR Strategy' Video Package

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