Obstacle Course Training | BEGINNER
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There are many challenges when signing up for an Obstacle Course Race: knowing that you’ve done the right training for the race shouldn’t be one.

Our Beginner program is designed to introduce someone who is new to training for Obstacle Course Racing into a structured program. The workouts are constantly varied to keep you motivated while introducing you to the key aspects that will lead to success.

You’ll be provided with tools and tips to help you become efficient and stay injury free. On top of the advice from Jon, Ryan and Matt you’ll also benefit from movement expert Glenn Phipps’ wealth of experience as he introduces you to a strength and mobility program to help you manage those obstacles.

See what past members have said.

Our 4 week Beginner Training Plan

Our 'OCR Need to Know' Video Package

Our 'Running Technique' Video Package

Phase One Strength program

Phase One Mobility Program