Obstacle Course Training | Preseason
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Congratulations on making the commitment to improving your training: we’re really pumped to have you on board.

Preseason will only last a few days, up until next Monday to be exact. The reason for preseason is that we have structured the programming so that it runs Monday to Sunday, allowing us to program longer runs on weekends (when you have more time) and helping you create some consistent training habits through the week. It also provides you the opportunity to sink your teeth into some of our video advice before starting the programming. 

We really hope you enjoy your training program and achieve the improvements and you’re looking for. If you have questions along the way please be sure to reach out via email or our Facebook page.

Jon, Matt & Ryan


p.s. If you start browsing the site and want to get back here click ‘Preseason’  from the footer.


SUNDAY: Programming

Each Sunday you'll receive the next week's programming in your 'Training Home'.


Join the Members Only Facebook group

A place for you to ask questions of us and interact with fellow members.

Share with you friends

Training is always better with friends, so invite yours to join you on this journey.

Set Goals

You can choose to share them in the Facebook group or keep them to yourself. Just be sure to set yourself a goal, a statement of what you want to achieve, and write it down. Use this for motivation when you have a hard day of training ahead.

Get to know Glenn

Glenn is our resident movement expert. He'll be providing advice to keep us injury free and increase our strength, stability and mobility.

Check out the program glossary

The program glossary will make more sense once your programming is released but it won't hurt to get familiar with some of the terms we will be using.

Add icon to your phone

Make life easier accessing our site via your phone. Follow the instructions here to have our icon on your home screen.

Download Facebook Groups app

We hope that you'll spend a lot of time interacting with the rest of the community in our Members Group on Facebook. Make access easier by downloading the 'Facebook Groups' app.


Rest up while you have the chance. Come Monday you'll be spending some significant time on your feet.